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Manufacturing, For Innovative Brands. 

Trusted by startups to $100M+ companies, GIZMO's contract manufacturing and engineering services have saved brands millions of dollars.

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Trusted by innovative brands 

Bringing new, innovative products to market can be a daunting task. RFPs are a dangerous process in a world where products can be copied in months. With GIZMO, you have a reliable partner that has proven experience delivering excellent quality products, on time, and within budget. GIZMO serves as an extension of your team. Our engineers help bridge the gap between design and manufacturing. 

Why we're different

Your one-stop shop for new product launch

Product Development

Product development is a costly endeavor and often times manufacturing is overlooked until too late in the process. Our team is comprised of proven experts in industrial design and engineering. We work closely with clients and agencies to bridge the gap between development and manufacturing. Whether its a new product or improving an existing design, we can help.


GIZMO's product and value engineering service is a one-stop solution utilizing the latest industry advancements, expert engineering knowledge, and a methodology of continuous improvement to optimize technical design, functionality and performance. Our clients often look to GIZMO to elevate their product's technical capabilities while reducing overall manufacturing costs.


Prototyping is a requirement of the redesign and engineering process. We partner with multiple suppliers to complete low-cost prototypes that integrate mechanical, electrical, and software components using advanced technologies such as 3D printing, CNC machining, and vacuum casting. Fast-turn around means we can quickly create functional, high-quality prototypes that accurately reflect your required product updates.


GIZMO acts as a vertically integrated design and OEM manufacturing company to leverage our team's broad experience to quickly identify achievable cost savings. Our operational expertise allows clients to understand costs and quality considerations at a wide range of order volumes. GIZMO also employs quality experts to guarantee quality if our clients chose to switch manufacturers based on our reccomendations.


Sourcing products from overseas manufacturers is often a process of trial and error for companies. If GIZMO cannot negotiate lower costs on your behalf with your current factory, we work with a large network of trusted partners across Asia, Europe, and North America to ensure your products meet and exceed your exacting specifications for design, quality, and cost.

Quality Control + Testing

In-house quality control and testing services cover any products you manufacture in China. Our team of highly-skilled QA/QC professionals develop documentation and procedures, conduct rigorous inspections, and utilize advanced testing equipment to analyze your finished goods (e.g. drop testing, crush, battery-life, water rating, cycle life, etc.) 

Logistics Support

With customers spanning the globe, we have secured strong partnerships with international shipping and logistics companies to help you deliver products exactly where you need them, when you need them. Our team can also assist with implementing efficient supply chain management processes that save your team time and money.


Inefficient packaging design costs brands billions of dollars in lost profit. GIZMO designers and engineers work closely with clients to strike the perfect balance between visually appealing packaging design that also meets requirements on cost, durability, shipping efficiency, unboxing experience, and much more. We redesign and create packaging that just makes sense!

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ISO 9001

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ISO 45001


BCSI Certified

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UL Certified

With the Right Partner, Great Things Can Happen

 Our team works closely with clients to ensure quality and help reduce costs throughout a product's lifecycle. Our processes, owned factories, and network of partners will help you launch products faster and stay competitive in the global marketplace.

A little taste of what we can do

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Common Questions

  • Will GIZMO sign an NDA?
    Yes, we will sign an NDA before any proprietary design or confidential information is shared. That said, we do not typically sign an NDA for introductory calls.
  • What type of products does GIZMO manufacture?
    Our factories produce a variety of products spanning consumer electronics, personal care devices, small home appliances, and complex injection molded items comprised of plastics, metals, and rubber. Any products or sub-assemblies we cannot manufacture internally, we source these items from our 100+ supplier partners. If you have additional questions or are interested in a complete list of our capabilities and capacity, please connect with us via email or schedule a call.
  • Where do you manufacture?
    Our three owned factories are located in Dongguan, China. We also have a network of suppliers and contract manufacturers located across Asia, Europe, and North America.
  • What factory certifications do you have?
    Our factories are certified to ISO9001, ISO14001, BSCI, UL, and we are in the process of obtaining ISO13485.
  • What if you cannot make my product?
    If GIZMO is unable to manufacture your product internally, our team can source products from over 100 supply chain partners across Asia, North America, and Europe.

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